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Journey Through The Tarot - Level 2

8 Week Course
Wednesday Evenings / 7pm – 9pm
Start 3rd October – 21st November 2018

(Incl Folders, Worksheets & other tools for interactive learning)
Cost $480

Due to popular demand of the interpretation of the Tarot on an even deeper soul level, we are pleased to take you through the extended version now available as level 2. We have created this course from feedback and with those in mind who wish to further their studies of the Tarot cards. You will understand and implement the Tarot on a deeper level through learning the meanings of each card on a soul level and doing practice exercises with your newly acquainted class mates.

These cards have been used for centuries and hold deep and meaningful insights and understanding into the journey of life. Each card is a representation of events, issues, ideas and concepts that you are able to put together to form stories, plans, dreams and desires into understanding and action. You will learn further information about the colours and numbers as well as the meanings of each card.

You will also learn to implement other cards and read them side by side with the Tarot. Complex Tarot spreads are studied and these classes are complete with weekly exercises, readings and tuning in to each other. Meditations of opening up are involved in every class and other tools will be applied to the Tarot cards that compliment your readings further. The Tarot is a wonderful teacher, tool and guide to understanding the self and human patterns and behaviours, This course will delver you deeper, get ready for further growth and understandings.

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