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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
 South Penrith
 NSW 2750

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Journey Through The Tarot - Level 1

16 Weeks / 4 Months
Wednesday Evenings / 7pm – 9pm
Starts 7th March - 27th June 2018

You will receive folders, worksheets, spreads, a tarot bag & Rider Whaite Tarot Deck
Cost $950 - Deposit Required $100

We are excited to offer you this beautiful journey of learning to read the Tarot Cards. Tarot is a journey that you take yourself on and you cannot even begin to understand it in 6 weeks. You cannot learn tarot in six weeks; you need much more time to study and become accustomed to all the aspects of the Tarot Cards. I cannot stress that enough, as I have been reading, guiding and counselling for the last 18 years, including at the Mind, Body & Spirit festivals. I know from experience that you cannot learn Tarot in 6 weeks and yet I have seen courses offering this at very high prices. We offer you a full 16 week course covering absolutely 'EVERYTHING' there is to know about the Tarot Cards.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries and hold deep and meaningful insights and understanding into the journey of life. I have been reading Tarot Cards for the last 18 years and it is definitely a learned experience, so much more time is needed when studying Tarot to offer all the insights into the Tarot journey. Tarot cards can still be a bit taboo for some because there is a lack of understanding in what their purpose is and most think they are a tool for fortune telling.

At Soul Haven, we do not facilitate the Tarot in this way. We help you to understand and develop a relationship with these amazing tools, in order to assist yourself or others, to understand hidden aspects, messages and guidance on paths followed.

On this journey, you will learn;
1. Each cards representation of events, issues, ideas and concepts.
2. You will learn to put these together to form stories, plans, dreams and desires into understanding and action.
3. You will learn about the meaning of the cards numbers, it's colours, elements, their star signs and certain symbols represented on the cards.
4. You will learn to read into the depth of a person‟s situation and effectively offer insight through the cards, into what it is they wish to heal, overcome or understand.
5. The Tarot will become a wonderful teacher, tool and guide to understanding your 'self', humans patterns and behaviours, helping you to clear out certain issues around your life...and others!
6. As well as that, you gain a deeper understanding to the hidden subconsious messages you hold, through the interpretation of the Tarot.
7. This course will deepen your understanding of the conscious self, as it delves into our deeper layers.
8. You will become accustomed to a selection of card spreads to read from.
9. You will learn and discover how to become more deeply connected to your intuition.
10. You will learn the meditation process for centering, balancing, protecting and connecting yourself before doing readings.
11. You will become so much more confident in yourself & your intuition and you will learn a deeper trust in your abilities.

If you think you cant read the energy of Tarot cards, then think again…..!
We all have this ability and its just a matter of learning how to tap into it.
We have students of the past that have taken this Tarot Journey, who have read and guided others at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. If you think this is your path and would like to help yourself or others through the journey of interpreting energy and symbols, then this course is for you.


Student Testimonials

This is my first year with Soul Haven. I can honestly say that our union has been life changing. The courses that I studied have given me tools to take responsibility for myself and finally find the freedom to be my true and highest self. Thanks to the guidance of these beautiful ladies, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and have found within a strength, courage and love that I only dreamed about. I wish that all could be as lucky as I in discovering the bond with their Higher Spirit and getting shown the tools to strengthen that bond, so that the benefits from the course enable on-going growth in love and light into the future and for lifetimes to come. I feel so much love and gratitude for this year past and am looking forward to continuing my journey alongside the beautiful and TRUE friends that I have now. Xxxxxxxx love love love....

Amelia Alexander (Courses Studied 2014: Metaphysics, Crystal Healing & Journey through the Tarot Level I)

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