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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
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Psychic Development - 10 Week Course

Friday Nights / 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Starts 3rd August - 28th September 2018

10 Week Course (Incl Worksheets & props/tools for practising)
Cost $480

This course is designed to awaken the energies of the true self and true knowing in your body. You will learn ways in which you can use your intuition and psychic abilities consciously and intentionally. The training you receive here will also help you with relationships, careers, or any area where higher guidance could be beneficial in your life or the lives of others.

What you will discover in this course, is methods and practices which will enable you to be more open to receive information from your soul/Higher Self at all times. You will learn ways to trust your own special abilities and your intuition. There are exercises and meditation techniques to awaken these energies within you, bring to light the power of perception. What are the gifts that you possess?

This is an enlightening course that enables you to see the world through different eyes, and also lots of fun, as you discover what unique qualities your mind and energy is actually capable of. Everybody has intuition and psychic abilities….We just need to learn how to open them up and use them. This course is suitable for basic to medium psychic skills and for those who want to begin to open up to these skills.

In this course you will learn the following:

• How to train and use your psychic senses.
• Open up to give and receive healing.
• Making contact with your angels, guides and spirit relatives.
• Cutting energy cords from others and towards others.
• Psychometry – Reading the energy of one’s belongings, such as jewellery.
• Pendulum – How to use and work with the pendulum.
• Absent or Basic Healing.
• Psychic Defence / Protection.
• House Energy clearing.
• Readings for the self & others.
• Self Observation Exercises.
• Mediumship Exercises
• Aura’s and how to see them.
• Chakra’s and the subtle bodies – what are they..?
• Dreams and dream recall focus, plus what they mean.

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