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Crystal Healing - 10 Week Course

Friday Nights / 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Starts 4th May - 1st July 2018

10 Week Course
Field trip to crystal wholesalers for discounted purchases of your crystals.
You will receive folders, weekly notes, crystal chakra set, crystal pendulum, clear quartz crystal points, crystals for elixirs and room spray remedies
Cost $850 - Deposit Required $100

Crystal Therapy can be very powerful when we have the knowledge of how to use these lovely gifts from the earth. Did you know that Crystals with specific healing properties can be used to treat physical, emotional and mental conditions? This awesome course will teach you about the “The laying on of stones and crystals” to the body, how to activate and align the body's major energy centres and promote physical and emotional healing.

During the 10 weeks you will learn;
1. How and where to place crystals of the appropriate colour and vibration, onto the seven corresponding chakra points of the body, with various hands on healing techniques included for specific ailments.
2. You will also learn about particular crystals that can be used for various situations, symptoms and desires and you will be able to put this into form and practice.
3. You will discover how to make crystal elixirs and Grids effectively and even how to feng shui your home with crystals.
4. This course is for those who wish to gain confidence in using crystals for their healing purposes as well as understanding their healing properties, the messages they bring and how to take care of these friends of ours.
5. You will receive in this course to work with, your very own satin bag with a set of Chakra crystals, a crystal pendulum, all ingredients for crystal elixirs and room sprays, as well as worksheets with folders.
6.This course includes a small section on Bach Flower Remedies and Crystals combined, where you get to make your own personalised remedy. You are also welcome to bring in your own crystals to work with and to gain a deeper understanding of their uses and attributes.
7. You will gain full confidence in working with crystals for everyday use; from mediation, to feng shui, to healing, to scrying, to understanding what each shaped crystal represents and how to best use it.

We are full of knowledge on crystals and enjoy sharing this with you regarding your own crystals. We work with Melody’s crystal reference books as they are abundant with different crystals, from the most common to the rarest of beauties but we are not limited to these references only. The most exciting addition to our course is the inclusion of a field trip after the last class, to an exclusive crystal wholesaler, for your opportunity to purchase rare gems and crystals at heavily discounted prices. There is no need to know much about the energy centres (chakras) of the body; as you will also learn about these in this course, plus so much much more.

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